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If you are a caring pet owner who wants the best for your pet, The Fovant Cattery is for you. It was born out of the need to find a place where pets would be cared for to the same standards that they have at home. We treat each cat as if it were our own.

Our standards are high; cleanliness is an obsession, attention to detail is the norm and much time is spent with the cats ensuring that they are relaxed and comfortable.

The cattery is small, only 18 runs, so that we can get to know each of our guests properly and consequently we retain a personal and bespoke level of service that makes both our guests and their owners welcome.  No dogs are boarded at or alongside the cattery, so cats that are nervous or un-used to dogs will be comfortable here.

Our daily routine ensures that each of our guests receives lots of attention and can relax in a clean, warm environment:

Early Morning – Everyone receives a quick “Good Morning” visit to check there are no veterinary issues, have a quick chat and to attend to the litter trays so that everyone can have breakfast in a nice environment. On every visit, we mark up all litter tray movements and how much food and water have been taken so that we can identify any issues .

Breakfast is then served in the varieties and quantities that you have specified.  If we are worried that the food isn’t disappearing, we will make any adjustments to ensure that we find something to tempt our guests with, as long as they aren’t already on a diet!

After breakfast it’s time for the big clean. Every chalet and run is swept and cleaned and bedding is brushed and tidied . All litter trays are thoroughly disinfected at this point and clean litter is used. While this is going on, we have an opportunity to have a proper chat with each guest and a little brush or a play if they so wish. Some of our younger guests enjoy “helping” us to clean by jumping on the brush!

The rest of the morning is spent getting chalets ready for the next guests and with our human visitors picking up and dropping off – so there is plenty going on in the cattery to keep everyone entertained.

Henry enjoys a brush - our guests (2)

Lunchtime and early afternoon, the cattery is closed in the middle of the day and this gives us time for a more relaxed visit to each guest for a proper brush, a game or a perhaps a cuddle – our guests let us know what they would like. We also check litter trays, taking out any waste and topping up with fresh litter and also topping up on food for those that need an extra lunchtime snack. We also top up our bird feeders to provide extra entertainment and hopefully have a little time for a break for us humans too!

Late afternoon, we once again welcome our human visitors and finish preparing chalets and runs for the next day’s new guests – so lots of activity to watch and people to talk to as they walk up and down the cattery.

Dinner Time, we start our dinner round with a litter tray check and clean and this is then followed by preparation and delivery of everyone’s evening meal. When we deliver the food, we check the litter trays again so that no-one has to put up with a dirty tray for the evening.

Bedtime is our final visit of the day. We make sure that everyone’s chalet and litter tray is nice and clean for the night and that each heater is working properly* (See below). If our guests are allowed them, we also give them a few little bedtime biscuit treats.

 This routine ensures that we visit each guest a minimum of six times a day, so everyone is closely monitored and there is plenty of opportunity for human interaction.

* We ensure that all of our guests are kept nice and warm day and night. Our heaters are thermostatically controlled and our standard is that the chalets are kept at a minimum of 15 degrees during the day (warmer if it’s less than 10 degrees outside) and 19 – 21 degrees at night. If we have very old or young guests they are always kept at a warmer temperature.

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